Angle Frames / Gable Ends

We also manufacture UPVC angled frames and conservatory gable ends.

UPVC frames

Are you searching for angle frames and gable ends? ArcOframe are specialist manufacturers of UPVC frames, including gable ends and angle frames. If you need a bespoke solution to your problem, we can provide this for you. We have more than 15 years of experience for you to benefit from and we only use high-quality materials. Why else should you choose our UPVC angle frames and gable ends?

All our products are designed to last. The durable, hardwearing materials can withstand the elements, including sunshine, wind, and rain. How difficult is it to maintain our angle frames and gable ends? They are easy to clean, as they have a smooth, continuous finish. We guarantee that they will keep their beautiful, white appearance if you clean them periodically. What about security performances? By installing our UVPC gable ends and angled frames, you will receive an increased level of security for your home. In addition to this, when they are installed, they will help you to reduced your energy bills, as these systems are energy efficient.

Our UPVC angled frames are perfect for a variety of applications, including conservatories, bay windows, irregular shaped windows, and so on. If you have a challenging design requirement, we will do our best to meet this with our design expertise. Our UPVC gable ends allow for the maximum amount of light to enter your property, whilst providing top level security at the same time. We can produce these in a range of styles and angles to suit you.

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