Round Windows

 Pencil openingHalf opener

ArcOframe Limited are proud to offer quality and bespoke UPVC round windows as well as oval and circular windows. Our stylish product ranges include bespoke round window frames and circular frames, which are available to order in a range of diameters and sizes. We are an experienced and reputable manufacturer and supplier of fixed or pivot opening circular frames which can be designed to meet various customer specifications.

Our half opening circular frames are fitted with a unique pencil operating system, and we are able to offer both fixed and fully operating round windows which are completely reversible. This accommodates ventilation and cleaning requirements in areas which are inaccessible from the outside. 

In addition, our fabricators are experts in utilising materials and profile systems effectively which allows them to achieve the best outcome for all designs, no matter what you require. Our specialist team use precise measurements, which allows us to make round frames that work efficiently but also look aesthetically pleasing. Adjustable friction and safety restrictors are fitted as standard, with the option of adding lockable security catches on request. No matter what you are looking for, whether it be a round window, oval window or circular window ArcOframe offer high quality windows at competitive prices. For further details or information relating to our circle windows and rounded windows please give us a call today on: 01744 615111 our friendly team will be happy to assist you.