Profile Bending

In 2018 we will celebrate 15 years in the profile bending industry and in that time we have gone from strength to strength. Originally set up as a small family run business, we realised that there was a gap in the local UPVC market for arched, circular and shaped frames that required the profile to be bent during the manufacturing process.

This was back in 2003 and initial orders came primarily from St Helens and Liverpool. Since then our customer base has expanded and we now deliver frames all over the UK, while still maintaining strong working partnerships with our earliest local customers.

As one of the UK’s leading UPVC arched frame manufacturers, we offer a wide range of frames, from circular window frames to arched door frames.

With the latest profile forming equipment, we guarantee to get the optimum bend for the chosen profile.

What is UPVC profile bending?

UPVC profile bending is sometimes referred to as “arched forming” or “shaped frame manufacturing”. Profile bending is where extrusions used within the Window industry are heated up using a UPVC profile bending machine.

This curved section can then be used to make a gable frame, arched window, gothic arch or circular window, depending on the section type that has been used.

Profiles available for profile bending are Deceuninck, Duraflex, Eurocell, Halo, Liniar, Rehau or Veka.

Whether you need a half opening circular window frame or a bespoke arched composite frame, you can guarantee we will manufacture these to perfection.

We can collect customers own profile or we also stock our own profiles for all the major profile providers.

Here at ArcOframe, we manufacture and supply specialist frames to the window, conservatory gable ends
and door industry, as well as the following:

  • Major profile carrier
  • Profile collection service
  • Comprehensive range of profile systems
  • Expert technical advice
  • Glass templates on request

For more information about profile bending, call the ArcOframe experts on 01744 615 111 today.

What is a profile bending machine?

Exactly as its name implies, a profile bending machine is designed to cold-bend profiles.

Usually, these machines are used in the metal industry to bend tubes, bars, T-profiles, U-profiles and beams into different shapes and sizes. However, here at ArcOframe, we use profile bending machines to create round, arched and circular uPVC profiles for windows and doors.

The way these machines work is simple. The profile that needs shaping is inserted into the machine between the rolls. These apply force to the profile, and the movement of the rolls results in deformation (bending).

What are the benefits of profile bending?

As leaders in uPVC profile bending, our experts can use profile bending machines, along with the latest techniques, to produce arches and curved sections of any size to suit your exact measurements. That means you can relax knowing your windows or doors will fit neatly inside your frames, eliminating the risk of any errors.

This innovative approach not only allows us to supply frames for round, arched, gable and circular windows or composite doors that fit like a glove, but it can also enhance the appearance of your property and increase its value.

If you want to make a statement with your windows and doors, profile bending is definitely the way forward.

Why not get in touch with our specialist profile benders today? We’ll happily discuss your requirements in more detail and create the perfect frames for your needs.

What are the best uPVC profiles to shape?

There are plenty of uPVC window profiles available on the market, but we supply only the best here at ArcOframe.

1 in 7 uPVC windows fitted in the UK is made from a REHAU profile, and it’s not surprising given that they will enhance the look of your property, last for years to come and improve your home’s energy efficiency. Helping you to save money on your bills.

Deceuninck windows and doors are A++ rated for energy efficiency, making them a popular option for home and business owners alike.

Duraflex uPVC windows are also well-known for their high specifications and unique shades of white (blue-white and warm white).

Whilst Eurocell, Halo, Liniar and Veka profiles are also suitable for uPVC profile bending, we can collect your profiles and reshape them using our state-of-the-art machinery.

Why should I make ArcOframe my first choice?

Here at ArcOframe, we have vast experience when it comes to profile bending and are confident we can produce uniquely shaped window and door frames to suit your needs.

Our experts hold customer satisfaction at the heart of everything they do. We ensure that every profile we create is manufactured to the highest possible standard and meets your precise measurements.

When you opt for arched windows or doors with us, you can relax knowing you’re in capable hands. We’ll not only make sure your frames fit perfectly, but we’ll install and test them before completing the handover.

Plus, technical advice is readily available from the very start, meaning you can contact our team with any questions or queries you have, and we’ll provide you with the information and answers you need.

To find out more about our profile bending service, give us a call on 01744 615 111.