Angle Frames and Gable Ends

Angle Frames and Gable Ends Used in Conservatory
Here at ArcOframe, we manufacture UPVC angled frames and conservatory gable ends to suit the exact needs of customers. The ArcOframe team enjoy a challenge, so if you have an unusual design requirement, get in touch with us today.

If you’re searching for an angled frame or gable frame, you’re in capable hands with ArcOframe. We provide a bespoke solution to suit the requirements of all customers, having gained more than 15 years of experience.

To ensure that you benefit, we only use high-quality materials when manufacturing the angle frames and gable ends.

Why should you choose our UPVC angled frames and gable ends?

It can often be difficult to find frames that fit your exact specifications, however, the angled frames that we supply at ArcOframe ensure that you discover a perfect fit.

When it comes to bringing in natural light and adding space, a gable end conservatory is a stylish way to enhance your home.

As with all of our products, the angled frame and gable end windows are both designed to last. The durable, hardwearing materials can withstand various elements, including sunshine, wind, and rain.

How easy is it to maintain angled frames and gable ends?

An angled frame is easy to keep clean, as it has a smooth, continuous finish. We guarantee that any angled frame or gable end that we supply will keep their beautiful, white appearance if you clean them periodically.

What about security performances?

By installing our UPVC gable end windows and angled frames, you will receive an increased level of security for your home. Our systems encourage natural light to enter your property but combine this with a high level of security at the same time.

If installed correctly, the angled frame will help to reduce your energy bills because our systems are energy efficient.

At ArcOframe, we also specialise in the manufacture of:

A UPVC gable end is perfect for a variety of applications, including conservatories, bay windows and irregular shaped windows. What’s more, we can produce them in a range of styles and angles to suit you.

Would you like to receive more information? Please get in touch with us today by filling in our online enquiry form – we would love to hear from you.


1. What are gable end windows?

To answer this first we need to be clear about what gable ends are. Put simply a gable is a triangular or ‘A’ shaped section of wall found between two intersecting sides of a pitched roof.

A sloped roof is an attractive feature on a property but what if your gable end is preventing natural light from entering your home, or blocking a great view? If this is the case, then you need gable end windows. These specially angled frames are purposefully designed to fit this awkward space and can be used anywhere angled window frames are required.

What’s more, here at ArcOframe, we offer a fully bespoke service, so we can angle frames to your exact requirements. Why not get in touch with the team to see what we can do for you?

2. What are the benefits of angled frames and gable ends?

These days most people try to avoid flat roofed extensions. Mainly because they often don’t look particularly attractive but also because they easily hold water. The pitch of a sloped roof means that rainwater can easily run off, helping to prevent leaking and possible long-term damage. But these angles can make fitting windows a little more awkward.

Thankfully angle frames, or gable end windows as they are also known, can help. As, by choosing these uniquely angled window frames over a circular window or standard rectangular frame, you can sit your frame right up into the pitch of the gable end. This allows you to increase the amount of space occupied with window rather than solid wall. This means you benefit from increased light levels, a better view and a more contemporary look and feel.

And don’t forget, as with all our UPVC frames, angled frames are easy to maintain, offer a great level of security and are energy efficient – helping you to save on energy bills!

3. Where are gable end windows installed?

The perfect spot for a gable end window? Why a gable end of course!

Whilst this is a notoriously awkward position to use traditionally shaped frames, angled frames have become a popular and practical solution - especially as the trend for vast expanses of glass continues.

Whilst gable end windows are designed to fit snuggly up in the apex of a gable, our angled window frames can be used anywhere a bespoke angle frame is required – such as a single-story pitched extension or a conservatory gable end.