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Choosing a New Door? Consider Composite

Selecting a new front door for your home can be a hard decision to make. You’ll need to consider several factors, including security features, energy efficiency, style, and budget.

Our comprehensive collection of UPVC doors, windows, and conservatories is complemented by our premium range of composite doors, blending the classic appeal of timber with the unbeatable durability and low maintenance of UPVC.

Whether you’re renovating an older property or putting personal touches on a new build, our composite doors are a durable and elegant option.

What Are Composite External Doors Made Of?

Composite doors stand at the forefront of door technology, merging aesthetics, durability, and energy efficiency into one superior product.

Unlike traditional external doors made from singular materials such as wood or UPVC, standard composite doors are manufactured from a blend of different materials, each chosen for its specific properties to enhance your door’s overall performance.

The core of a traditional composite door consists of a robust wooden frame, providing structure and stability.

This frame is then filled with high-density foam insulation, which contributes to the door’s excellent thermal properties, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The outer layer of a composite door is where Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) comes into play.

GRP is a tough, weather-resistant material known for its durability and strength.

It’s designed to withstand the elements, resist wear and tear, and maintain its colour and finish over time, minimising the need for maintenance.

Benefits of Composite Front Doors

Investing in a new GRP composite door brings a multitude of benefits, whether it’s installed as an inviting front door, a secure back door, or even as a French door.

Here’s why choosing a GRP composite door is a smart decision for both functionality and aesthetics:

Versatile Installation

Our GRP composite doors with UPVC frames are suitable for a wide range of purposes, offering a flexible way to enhance your home’s security and appearance.

Superior Thermal Efficiency

Experience the comfort of optimal thermal performance with a composite front door.

During the winter months, energy-efficient composite external doors excel at retaining heat, ensuring your home is always warm and welcoming.

Conversely, in the summer, they work to keep your interiors cool and comfortable, striking the ideal balance for year-round comfort.

Added Security Features

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, our composite doors prioritise your safety.

Far surpassing traditional wooden doors, each door is equipped with a top-of-the-line multi-point locking system with steel reinforcement.

Their reinforced frames make them one of the most secure options available for external front doors, providing peace of mind and protection for your home and family.

Low Maintenance

Our GRP composite doors are remarkably easy to clean and require no painting, thanks to their durable finish.

Their GRP skin ensures they continue to look great with very little maintenance, saving you time and expense over the years.

Aesthetic Flexibility

While composite doors boast all the practical benefits of UPVC doors, they do not compromise on style.

Available in a wide array of colours, from Chartwell green to duck egg blue, our doors feature a wood-like appearance that adds a touch of traditional charm to your home’s exterior.

Additionally, with a variety of glass options to make the most of natural light, you have the freedom to choose a door style that perfectly matches the aesthetic of your property.

Our composite front doors are tailored to meet the specific needs and style preferences of every homeowner, making them a superior choice for those looking to upgrade their home’s entrance.

Unmatched Durability

Our composite timber solid core doors are constructed to stand the test of time.

The combination of UPVC doors with steel reinforcement not only enhances security but also contributes to the overall strength and life expectancy of your GRP composite door.


Composite Front Door Features

Our range of contemporary and traditional composite front doors will add character and style to your home’s exterior.

Whilst they have the look and texture of wooden doors, our composite doors are not vulnerable to the elements, and don’t need treating to preserve their colour.

Our glass reinforced plastic (GRP) composite doors come with:

  • Adjustable high-security hinges
  • A cassette system with a 24mm toughened glass unit
  • Optional automated locking
  • Multi-point locking system

They’re also fully sealed to prevent water penetration and demonstrate high thermal and sound insulation, up to 9 times more than a timber door.

Choose from our extensive selection of composite door styles, which include rectangular and arched options and various glass designs.

Arched Composite Doors Online

Arched doors have always been a fantastic way to add character and elegance to homes. But, finding one that performs well and looks great with the style of your property can be tough.

At ArcOframe, we specialise in arched composite front doors, making it easier to get that classic look without the hassle.

You can download our brochure to see our full range. Then simply order your composite doors online using our order form.


Why Choose ArcOframe for Your Arched Composite Door?

At ArcOframe, we’re all about giving you a new composite door that fits right into your home’s unique style, whether it’s a centuries-old building or a new build.

Picking one of our arched composite doors means you’re getting a blend of timeless appeal and modern technology. It’s an easy way to boost your home’s look and feel, as well as its security and efficiency.

Here are some of the key reasons to choose a composite front door from our stunning range:

Perfect Fit

Our composite steel doors are made to fit arched frames perfectly.

This means you can keep your home’s unique look without compromising on quality or performance.

Tough and Lasting

We’ve moved past the old ways of piecing together arched doors. Now, we make our arched composite doors in one piece, making them extremely tough and long-lasting.

Our arched composite front doors are built to take on both daily use and whatever the weather throws at them.

Thanks to their solid timber core and outer layer of glass reinforced plastic, they’re a solid, low-maintenance choice that keeps looking good year after year.

Enhanced Security to Guard Against Forced Entry

Our composite doors are engineered with advanced locking mechanisms designed to resist forced entry, offering the utmost protection for your home and family.

Choose us to ensure complete peace of mind with a new composite door that’s as secure as it is stylish.

Energy Saving

These external doors help keep your home cosy in winter and cool in summer, which can improve your home’s energy rating and help reduce your energy bills.

Composite Front Doors in Custom Sizes

No matter the size or shape of the composite door you require, we can make front and back doors that fit perfectly, with options for side panels and arched doorways.

Free Delivery

We offer a free delivery service on all our composite and UPVC doors and windows.

We have rapid lead times and pride ourselves on excellent communication. We will keep you updated every step of the way on the status of your order and when you can expect your composite door to be installed.

Composite Front Door to Match Windows

Want your new composite steel door to match your existing windows? No problem. We’ll help you pick out front and back doors that complement your home’s overall look.

We have a wide range of composite door styles and colours to choose from. Opt for one of our most popular colours, such as duck egg blue, Chartwell green, or anthracite grey. Alternatively, why not make a bold statement with a bright yellow composite front door?

You can build your own perfect door by selecting from various features and glass designs. These include glazed panels, stable doors, patterned glass, fire doors, and side panel glazing designs.

We also have an extensive selection of door furniture to choose from, including brushed stainless steel and brass handles, letterboxes, and door sills.

Contemporary Composite Door: Before And After

Arched Doors Before ArcOframe Arched Composite Doors Installed By ArcOframe

Talk to Us About Our Composite Front Doors

Download our brochure today to see our comprehensive range of secure composite door styles and fill in our order form with your requirements.

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable and helpful team.

You can give us a call on 01744 615 111 or send us a message using our online contact form for a swift response.


1. What are arched composite doors?

Here at ArcOframe, we produce the very best in arched composite doors.

They are designed to fit an arched doorframe, offering a traditional appearance with a contemporary twist.

They are useful in the sense that they are versatile and allow you to keep the ornate brickwork around your arched door, without having to knock through and go for an entirely new style.

As well as looking the part, making your home more attractive from the inside and out, they are also highly durable.

Our composite doors can be used both externally and internally. They can easily cope with the heavy use required of many interior doors, as well as stand up to the unpredictable and often harsh UK weather when used externally.

For further information about our arched composite doors be sure to get in touch with the experts at ArcOframe today.

2. Do arched composite doors save energy?

The short answer to this is, yes! Arched composite doors are a very strong solution that can massively reduce heat loss.

Did you know, 30-35% of heat loss happens via caps in walls around windows and doors? It's therefore definitely worth considering the thermal efficiency of your current door and changing to something more energy-efficient!

Arched composite doors boast a much smaller U value in comparison to other kinds of doors. This means that far less heat can escape when the door is closed, and a contemporary composite door will save you a pretty penny on your energy bills throughout the year.

Get yourself a door that doesn’t just look good, but will also prove to be a smart investment for years to come.

3. Can arched doors be made to measure?

You will be glad to know that at ArcOframe, we ensure that our arched doors are made to measure, meaning whatever size of composite door you require, we can manufacture a model to fit your specifications.

This allows everyone to benefit from our arched composite doors, no matter how small or large your door may be.

The team at ArcOframe will happily design the door of your dreams, then once you have approved the completed design, we will manufacture it using our expert equipment in-house.

We will then complete our turnkey service by installing your arched composite door, ensuring a perfect fit, minimising hassle, and leaving no mess.

We design and install arched composite doors up and down the UK, so no one gets to miss out on our top-quality service.

4. How much do arched doors cost?

Here at ArcOframe, we make sure that our service is completely bespoke to each customer.

After all, every person’s needs are different, and the shape and size of their arched doors are unlikely to be the same.

This is why we never list specific prices on our products, as this can often change based on a variety of factors. This includes its size, glass glazing, the type of arch etc.

Fill out our order form with your specific requirements for a competitive and accurate quote, without any hidden costs later down the line.

Get in touch with us today and we can quickly provide you with a quote for a new composite door.

5. Can the style of arched doors match the styles of new or existing arched windows?

We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our service, which we provide on a client-by-client basis, taking individual requirements into account.

This allows us to produce arched composite front doors, back doors, and windows to your exact specifications. Matching your new arched composite door to the style of your existing arched windows will be no problem for our expert team.

Whether you have existing arched windows or ones that you are looking to install with your new composite door, just let us know by using our order form and we can discuss the options with you.

With many years of experience in the field and expertise in the area, we can produce composite front doors and windows in any shape, size or colour you require.

For further information, just get in touch today!