Composite Doors Warrington

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Looking for the perfect front door for your home? Want to boost your kerb appeal? How about one of our composite doors in Warrington?

Made from high-quality materials, composite doors are a superior choice – guaranteed to improve the aesthetics, security and efficiency of your property.

These doors provide the classic look of a wooden front door, minus the upkeep. They’re also A-rated for thermal efficiency and have seals that help to retain heat in the winter and keep your home cool throughout the summer. This means they can exclude draughts and keep your energy bills low.

For more information about our composite doors in Warrington, or to discuss your requirements in further detail, get in touch with the ArcOframe team today.


A full range of composite doors in Warrington

As they’re made from a singular material, there are limited design and style options available for uPVC doors, but this isn’t the case with composite doors!

Our composite doors in Warrington boast a versatile design and come in a plethora of colours, finishes and glazing options. They come in rectangular and arched designs, too – allowing you to give your property a truly authentic look and feel.

Arched composite front doors provide a classic feel with a modern look and fit neatly inside an arched doorframe. They break up the monotony of straight lines whilst reducing the need to knock through any walls.

When choosing a new front door, it’s worth finding out what glazing options are available (i.e. standard glazing or decorative glass). After all, the position and size of the glass used will contribute to the finished look of your door.

Unlike uPVC doors, composite doors in Warrington are robust and resilient. They won’t fade, warp or swell over time like wooden doors. Instead, they will maintain their stunning appearance for at least 35 years!


Enquire about composite doors in Warrington

If you’ve been toying with the idea of having composite doors fitted in Warrington for quite some time, or you’ve recently been the victim of a break-in and want to ramp up security, be sure to contact the experts at ArcOframe.

We can assure you that every one of our composite doors is made to measure and manufactured from the highest quality materials. Our doors are incredibly robust and hardwearing and we provide a number of customisation options, allowing you to add kerb appeal without sacrificing style and security.

To find out more about how we can tailor our composite doors in Warrington to suit your requirements, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01744 615 111.

Alternatively, you’re welcome to send an email to or complete our online enquiry form for a swift response.