Benefits of Round Windows

Are you looking to add an impressive touch to your building? Round windows – or circular windows – can do exactly that, and we are proud to supply an extensive range of them, here at ArcOframe.

Although we are based in St Helens, we supply a huge range of round windows which are designed to be distinctive and bring style and sophistication to your property, for customers across the country. They have many other benefits too, including:


One of the main advantages of round windows is that they can be used in many different places, including homes, offices and churches.

ArcOframe can put any angle on a curve and provide any size circular window that suits your home or business perfectly. The round window dates back to Roman Times and, when used in modern homes, it offers timeless elegance and opens up more visual space.

The round windows look great and have a beautiful aesthetic impact. They can effectively increase the curb appeal of your property.


You’re sure to discover an assortment of designs and ArcOframe can help you make the right choice.

All our round and circular windows can be installed on their own or combined with other styles to create a desirable finish. They are supplied in various sizes, colours, materials and frames, so you needn’t worry about choosing one that enhances your home or business.

Here are some of the designs we supply:

  • Fixed

The fixed circular windows are the most popular. They are used in churches to create stunning aesthetics and let a lot of light in. Fixed windows require little maintenance – saving you money in the long-run.

  • Opened

Windows that are double-hung or in a casement are known as ‘opened windows’. Unlike fixed, you can open these windows to let air in and they are often found in homes.


Here at ArcOframe, we pride ourselves on supplying round window frames that are tailored to suit your specification and budget.

Purchasing round windows and frames from us at ArcOframe, our team of professionals will offer their expertise to ensure you benefit from a bespoke service, along with quality products, expert fitting and competitive prices.

Low maintenance

When it comes to installing round windows in St Helens, look no further than ArcOframe. We manufacture a wide range of bespoke UPVC windows frames – each manufactured to British Safety Standards.

Our round windows are easy to keep clean and maintain their professional appearance for many years to come.

Find out more about our round window frames today by calling us on 01744 615 111 or email us at



Round Window With Half Open Window from outside