Do something different with round windows

Updating your window frames is always a great idea, but why not add something different to your home?

Curved, porthole, circular – whatever you call them, our round windows are an excellent choice for your St Helens property. Suitable for homes of all sizes, they break the monotony of straight lines and rectangles that define most buildings – instantly becoming a  focal point, no matter where they’re installed.

5 reasons to use round windows:

  1. Add uniqueness

Round windows are contemporary, they are guaranteed to stand out in renovations – giving your home a new lease of life. Here at ArcOframe, we manufacture fixed, opening and full-pivot round window frames to complement your newly-fitted windows.

  1. Utilise space

Whether you’re looking for round window frames in St Helens for your spacious living room or small bathroom space, you needn’t worry about finding exactly what you’re looking for at ArcOframe. Our stylish round frames are available to order in a range of sizes, including:

  • fixed circles from 380mm
  • opening circles from 480mm
  • pivot windows from 700mm

They can be installed both internally and externally, depending on your requirements, and as a result of them having no horizontal corners, they can fit in the gable area neatly.

  1. Maximise light

Placed high, round window frames can be a superb light source. They steer natural light into the room – perfect for especially dark areas and making your home more energy-efficient.

  1. Frame the perfect view

Installing circular windows at eye-level can add a nautical touch to your home and enhance the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Although it’s a simple addition to your home, a circular window can frame the landscape, allowing you to make the most of the views.

  1. Contrast rectangular windows

Having a mix of straight edges and curved edges looks great. We suggest using circular windows to make a statement – you don’t necessarily need them in every room.

You can use them as accent features, alongside regular, rectangular-shaped windows to contrast.

Need to know more about our circular windows? At ArcOframe, we work to the latest industry standards and techniques and supply all our frames with safety restrictors as standard. Let us guide and advise you in choosing the most suitable window frames for your property in St Helens. Call us on 01744 615 111 or email and our team will gladly assist.



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