How to dress arched windows

Want to break out of the box? Arched windows are an excellent choice if you’re looking to shake up the monotony of square and rectangular lines at your home – and luckily they’re our speciality here at ArcOframe. But – whilst arched windows are a fantastic architectural feature without a window covering – if you need a little more privacy, how do you dress them?

The good news is that most window dressing options can be adapted for arched windows:


Arches are challenging for most window dressings – including blinds. The solution for arched windows? Consider blinds that pull upwards or hang from a curved track.

Bespoke Venetian blinds are often a popular choice for arched windows as they are accurately templated to follow the curvature and each slat is cut to match. These blinds can be adjusted to open or left closed, and supplied in an assortment of colours too, making it easy for you to complement the interior décor.


Having an irregular shaped window requires something a little more unique – take plantation shutters for instance. Shutters allow you to control how much natural light enters the room whilst keeping nosy neighbours out. They also add a layer of insulation, helping to retain warmth in the winter and keep the room cool in the summer.

Whatever the shape or size of the window, there is a shutter-style to suit every space, and we highly recommend this type of dressing for street-facing arched windows.


Arched windows are often the focal point of your home and curtains and draperies can draw even more attention to them. Adding a curtain rail above the arched frame brings the eye up – creating the illusion of taller windows and ceilings. It also makes the room feel more open and spacious.

Curtains are perfect if you want to keep the arch visible during the day when they are open. Consider sheer or unlined curtains that offer a silhouette of the window’s curve whilst filtering natural light when closed. Although, if the sun’s glare affects your furnishings or makes it difficult for you to see the TV screen or computer monitor, lined curtains may be the best option.


Shades are a modern window dressing – perfect for beautifully arched windows. They are sleek and simple, yet extremely practical and sophisticated.

Whether you’re looking to add privacy or to block out sunlight or heat, you can’t go wrong with shades. They work well on windows that face busy streets – providing you with some much-needed privacy. Shades can be customised to suit the look you’re trying to achieve and fit perfectly into your arched windows.

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How to dress arched windows