How to impress with round windows

So you want to enhance the appearance of your property? What better way to do so than by installing round windows to your home?

Instantly adding character, circular windows bring a whole new dimension to your property. Here at ArcOframe, we supply and fit shaped windows and frames to make sure your interior décor works with elegant curves – making round windows feel right at home.

At ArcOframe, we supply bespoke round window frames which are perfect for fixed, opening and full-pivot rounded UPVC windows.

The round window frames available are:

  • Fixed circle from 380mm
  • Opening circle from 480mm
  • Pivot window from 700mm

Our high-quality frames offer a distinctive style and come with adjustable friction and safety restrictors as standard. To ensure you receive the best value for your money when purchasing frames, we keep our prices competitive.

5 ways you’re guaranteed to impress with round windows:

  1. Be repetitive

Repeating an arched window within a room is a simple yet effective way to improve the aesthetic value of your property.

Ranging from full arches, semi-circles or soft, wide curves, we have a wide range available.

  1. Embrace curves

Unique features are great in any room. They provide a focal point and  set your property apart from others.

Adding soft curves to a room with arched windows will contrast the sharp and straight edges of rectangular furnishings and create a harmonious feel throughout your home.

  1. Create a feature

Windows can enhance the layout of rooms. They effectively illuminate displays and cleverly manipulate light and shade.

You can make your windows stand out by painting the frames – it really is that easy. Painting round window frames in a deep colour, like black, gives a more dramatic appeal.

Keeping everything but your window frames simple will create a unique feature – making them more eye-catching.

  1. Frame views

If your property offers scenic views, whether it be a mountainous backdrop, open fields or a river, why not frame them?

  1. Dress it up

All our windows are impressive, but you could also enhance their appearance by dressing them.

Circular windows can be decorated with curtains, blinds or shutters which allows you to control light – making sure that it doesn’t shine through in the early hours of the morning. Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, curtains and shutters can either follow the curve of the window or stop where the curve begins.

To find out more about how round windows can impress, call the ArcOframe experts on 01744 615 111 today.



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