How To Install Round Windows

Installing a round window to your home or property can provide an aesthetically pleasing option to the regular square or rectangular window set, providing a little bit of extra charm to an otherwise normal section of the building. However, round windows do require a number of steps for sufficient installation due to their shape. This article will provide a number of steps that can be followed in order to efficiently place a round window in your property.

Cutting and Fitting

Firstly, you will need to measure the size of the opening in order to find out what size window will be required for installation. You should install corner braces angled into the centre of the square opening to make it circular shaped. Cut a section of 2 by 4 with a saw so the pieces fit within each of the corners of the potential window opening and nail them in with a hammer. Make sure that you install all of the four corner pieces in the same manner so the window has a secure bracing for fitting.

Insertion of the Window

Insert the round window Round Windows into the new opening and make sure the depth of the jamb is satisfactory. Run a thin bead of caulk around the nailing fin and carefully push the window into the opening, making sure that it is evenly displaced.

Securing the Window

Nail into the nailing fin with a hammer to temporarily hold the window in place, and then insert a few nails into the holes in the nailing fin. Make sure that you check to make sure the unit is plumb and level as this will allow the appropriate sitting for your round window. If the unit is not in a level position, add shims if necessary to make sure it is. Insert the rest of the nails by hammering one into each of the openings on the nailing fin.

Adding the Window Casing

Hold up the window casing into the hole that you have prepared for it. Make sure that it is perfectly centred within the hole before you secure it permanently, as it will very difficult to remove once done. Use a hammer and drive the nails in the top and bottom of the window casing as well as one on each of the sides. To test that the window is perfectly secure, make sure to press a little bit of weight on it. When doing this the window should not move and must feel solid. Once you have nailed the casing in you can then cut off the remaining shims. A small saw is advised for this, make sure to cut off the ends of the shims until they are even with the casing so that the remnants fits well with the window casing.

Finishing Touches

Finally, add another thin bead of caulk around the outside of the window to properly seal it in place and inspect the window edges to make sure there is a lack of gaps and cracks on it. Make sure to install window trim around the interior of the window to help better insulate it.




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