What are the benefits of gable end windows?

Building a new extension and wondering how you can let plenty of light in? Or converting the attic into a spare room but worried it might be too dark and gloomy? Whatever you’re planning, if it involves pitched roofs and awkward angles, the chances are you need gable end windows from ArcOframe.

A gable end window, or an angle frame as they can sometimes be referred to, is specially designed to fit into the gable end wall of a pitched roof. But, made precisely to your measurements, they can be used anywhere you need angled window frames – for maximum window space with minimum fuss.

Popular at the best of times, as the UK continues its battle against Covid-19, more and more people are discovering the benefits of gable end windows. Why so? Because whilst spending so much time at home we’re all looking for clever ways to feel less ‘trapped’ and increasing the amount of window space and natural light is a great way do this.

Sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? And these aren’t the only advantages. Here we take a closer look at some of the main benefits of gable end windows:

7 key benefits of fitting gable end windows:

  1. Maximise your light – without doubt, one the main reasons people opt for angled window frames is to let as much light as possible into a room. There’s nothing better than natural daylight flooding in to lift your mood.


  1. Enhance your view – fitting a gable end window can allow you to make the most of your surroundings. Freeing up an attractive vantage point previously blocked by brick wall.


  1. A perfect fitangled window frames let you take full advantage of the space you have, giving you more freedom than a standard rectangular frame. And, by using more glass, it helps to extend your living area, giving your room a spacious, airy feel.


  1. Make a statement – angle frames bring shape and colour to a home, helping you to create a real design statement and make your property stand out from its neighbours – and no doubt increase its value too.


  1. Fully bespoke – being engineered to your exact requirements not only means a perfect fit but also unlimited choice. You can really stamp your personality on your property, choosing not only the angles of your frame but also its colour, size and in-frame grid design.


  1. Energy efficient – as with all the frames we offer at ArcOframe, gable end windows are highly durable, resistant to the elements and designed to last. with perfectly fitting, quality new frames, you’ll avoid wasted energy, which in turn will save you money on your energy bills.


  1. Security – manufactured to current British safety and security standards, angled window frames offer the same excellent level of security as standard modern frame.

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Here at ArcOframe, we pride ourselves on offering frames to suit all requirements. We specialise in profile bending and creating unusual arches and awkward angle frames for gable ends.

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What are the benefits of gable end windows?