Where can porthole windows be installed in the home?

Porthole windows are commonplace on ships and barges – but that’s not to say they can’t be enjoyed on dry land too!

A porthole window for the house provides a fantastic alternative to traditional square and rectangular windows, creating a quirky architectural feature and giving your home a new lease of life, inside and out. But where’s the best place to install a porthole window?

  1. Bathrooms

Porthole windows are a must-have if you’re wanting to add a touch of maritime flair to your bathroom. No matter how big or small your shower room or en-suite is, our porthole windows are an excellent choice and enable you to transform an otherwise boring space into something beautiful.

  1. Kitchens

If you’re working with a neutral or monochromatic palette, a stand out feature can really help to complete the look – and what better way than with porthole windows?  The kitchen is one room where you can’t afford to have poor lighting – especially when handling sharp knives and various other kitchen tools. The more light you have, the better you can show off design elements, and our porthole windows let more light in and can frame the view above the kitchen sink. We can also adapt them to suit the style of the room.

  1. Bedrooms

Looking for a fun diversion from the norm? Porthole windows can accentuate a theme and create a brand new look, especially effective in kid’s rooms – providing the perfect setting for imaginative play. They also make a wonderful focal point in master bedrooms.

  1. Landing/hallways

A well-placed porthole window can help prevent a narrow passage feeling confined and brighten up the space to create the illusion of more space. Our windows can line your landing or hallway – letting more natural light into your home and enhancing the beauty of your staircase.

  1. Ceilings

A porthole window isn’t just great at eye level. Add one to the ceiling and make the most of natural light. This could also help to reduce your electricity bills.

The best thing about porthole windows for homes is that they can be combined with any conventional style. Here at ArcOframe, we manufacture the most stylish windows and make sure that they are installed correctly by our expert team. Made from the best materials on the market, our portholes are guaranteed to last and look great for many years to come.

For more information about porthole windows, feel free to call 01744 615 111 or drop us an email at info@arcoframe.co.uk. To order porthole windows, complete our online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements further.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a porthole window?

Porthole windows are circular windows usually found on barges and boats. But they’re becoming popular in homes too, thanks to the unique character they add.

They’re often used in smaller areas like staircases and hallways to draw in natural light and create a more spacious feel.

Porthole windows are also becoming more popular in attic conversions and in commercial office spaces. Not only do they create a bright space year-round, they allow for beautiful stargazing experiences during summer nights.

Sometimes they’re added to a home purely because of the gorgeous aesthetic qualities they bring that you don’t get with standard rectangular windows.

If you would like to find out more about the porthole windows we manufacture here at ArcOframe, get in touch. Our experts will be happy to talk you through your options. Simply call us on 01744 615 111.

What are the advantages of a uPVC porthole window?

uPVC porthole windows are lightweight but incredibly strong, so they’re easy to install and will last longer than wooden window frames.

They’re simple to maintain too. uPVC is corrosion resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your frames getting wet on a regular basis, and they’ll just need the occasional wipe down to keep them looking clean and new.

And unlike wooden frames, you don’t have to worry about uPVC porthole windows rotting or warping when exposed to rain or extreme temperatures.

They’re also great for insulation so you don’t need to worry about losing warm air from the home during winter, which is great for keeping your energy bills lower and making your home more environmentally friendly.

UPVC porthole windows add a sophisticated feature point in any home. Plus, when carefully positioned, they can maintain privacy whilst ensuring your home is full of natural light. This is especially beneficial in your bathroom, for example.

Are porthole windows made to measure?

Every single porthole window manufactured here at ArcOframe is made to measure.

So, no matter the size you require your porthole to be, you can be sure we will create the perfect solution.

Simply measure your space and send these measurements over to us when requesting your quote.

If you’re replacing a square or rectangular window with a porthole window, your space might not yet be rounded depending on where you’re up to in your replacement process.

If this is the case case, it might not be an exact square, so we advise you measure it at three points for the width and height. This ensures we have the correct measurements to create the perfect round porthole window for your space.

But don’t worry, we always make sure to double check measurements before manufacturing your porthole window.

Once we’ve finished making your porthole, we will deliver it directly to your site and will happily install this for you, ensuring it fits your desired space perfectly.

To discuss your requirements with one of our experts, get in touch by emailing us at orders@acroframe.co.uk.

Are porthole windows secure?

Yes, porthole windows are just as secure as standard windows.

You can choose between a fixed or opened porthole window. This means that you can, if preferred, choose a porthole window that doesn’t open at all.

However, if you do choose an opened porthole window, you can also opt for an optional lockable catch for added security.

Not only are our porthole windows secure, they also provide protection from the weather.

Every porthole window manufactured by us is water-tight and weather-tight, even those that can be opened form a strong barrier when closed.

Rotten or warped windows can become less secure, leading to further damage or easy entry points for burglars. Because our porthole windows are manufactured from uPVC, they’re corrosion resistant, meaning this won’t be an issue.

So, if you’re looking to add some character to your home without sacrificing security, look no further than our porthole windows.





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