Which window frames are best?

Choosing frames for circular windows can be difficult – especially when there are so many options to choose from. But rest assured, if you’re looking for round windows in the St Helens area, ArcOframe has the perfect solution.

Using our vast experience we can guide your frame choice, helping you to select the best option for your windows by outlining the different types, advantages, and downsides.

Wooden window frames

Make your windows stand out with wooden window frames. Wood is a great material for enhancing the aesthetics of your building and is particularly effective when used on period properties. In some areas, building regulations stipulate that wooden frames are a must-have.


  • add style to your home
  • timeless
  • last much longer (if looked after properly)

However, they are twice the price of UPVC frames and need to be regularly maintained to ensure they sustain their condition.

UPVC window frames

UPVC window frames have increased in popularity and are quickly becoming the default choice for modern, double-glazed, square or circular windows as a cheaper alternative to wooden frames.


  • cheapest on the market
  • easy to maintain
  • excellent thermal performance

But there are some downsides to UPVC frames. Over time, UPVC can discolour when exposed to sunlight. This makes UPVC window frames difficult to repair and means they have a shorter lifespan than other materials such as wood.

Metal window frames

A fantastic way to make your window a focal point is to add a metal window frame – be it aluminium or steel. Metal frames are designed to meet – or exceed – energy efficiency standards and ensure a professional finish for windows.


  • long-lasting and durable
  • less likely to degrade
  • recyclable and reusable

To keep your window frames in top condition, and to protect them against corrosion, you need to regularly maintain them. Metal frames are generally more expensive than UPVC as a result of higher material costs.

Round window frames

Your windows don’t need to be square. Here at ArcOframe, we supply an extensive range of round windows and frames – setting us apart from the competition and giving you a greater choice.

As with any other window frame, round windows add natural light to your property and maximise the area of glass in the window.


  • round window frames are unique
  • best installed at the highest point of homes – below roof’s peak
  • add a design statement to your property

There are few downsides to frames for circular windows as they are customised to match your exact requirements, blending seamlessly with their surroundings.

What’s more, the ArcOframe experts always ensure that frames are installed to the highest standard so that you can enjoy your round windows for many years to come.

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