Why choose arched doors in 2021?

First impressions count, at least that’s what they say – and your front door is no different. It’s one of the first things visitors notice, and remember, when they come to your house.

Take a moment to look at your front door. Is it tired and dated? Perhaps you’ve recently got new windows fitted and now it looks a little odd? If so, now is the ideal time to start looking for a replacement – and we have just the thing to bring your home up to date…

2021 exterior design trends

Brightly painted doors have long been a favourite amongst homeowners, and are here to stay in 2021. However, neutral-coloured doors with unique architectural features have already spiked in popularity this year. As have wide doors, front porches and large sidelights.

Composite doors are another great choice and, combining the benefits of solid wood with UPVC, it’s clear to see why. These have been around for many years and are renowned for their authentic looking wooden finishes and simple upkeep. They are extremely durable, won’t warp or rot, and are highly resistant to forced entry.

Whilst arched windows and doors were certainly a huge hit in the 90s and 2000s, many people are contemplating swapping the soft curvature for straight lines. But, at ArcOframe, we love the look of arched composite front doors – breaking away from the monotonous straight lines of traditional doors.

Here we delve deeper into the reasons why you should consider arched doors for your home.

5 benefits of arched doors:

  1. Look great indoors and outdoors

Arched composite doors work fabulously well at old-fashioned houses, but there’s nothing to say they can’t be used to create contrast at newer properties too. Whether you choose to use them internally or externally, they provide the look and feel of a traditional cottage door along with the benefits of modern doors. Available in an assortment of styles, colours and glazing options, there is something to suit all tastes here. And if you’re after an arched composite front door, there’s the option to add door furniture (e.g. letterplates, knockers, doorknobs and spy holes, etc.).

  1. Keep heat in during colder months

Does your home feel particularly cold throughout the winter, especially near the front door? This is a clear indication that there is a draught coming in – either from the door frame, keyhole, letterbox or the gap at the bottom – and you’ve probably been hit with an expensive energy bill. All the more reason to consider upgrading your door. Composite arched doors boast energy-efficient glazing and technically-advanced weather seals, so offer greater thermal efficiency than most timber doors.

  1. Protection against the sun’s rays

Your front door is not just the entryway to your house. Oh no. It acts as a barrier against the outdoors – be it blustery conditions, heavy rainfall or scorching temperatures. Whilst certain doors swell when they get too hot, making them difficult to open, this isn’t the case with arched UPVC doors. These are incredibly durable and long-lasting and, unlike painted doors, won’t lighten or fade when exposed to the sun.

  1. Enhance security

There are endless options when it comes to arched composite front doors – many of which enhance both style and security at the same time. At ArcOframe, we use the latest technology and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure our doors provide the required level of security. As standard, each comes with adjustable security hinges, a high-security locking system and seals to prevent water penetration. On top of this, we make sure that your new door ticks all the right boxes aesthetically.

  1. Minimal upkeep

Say goodbye to warping, rotting and cracking with arched doors from ArcOframe. Aside from a quick wipe down with a damp cloth from time to time, composite doors are maintenance-free and will look great for years to come. They come in a vast range of colourways too, which means you will never need to paint them.

Order arched doors today

No matter what size door you require, you’ll be pleased to know that our arched UPVC doors are all made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit within a curved doorframe.

Got an idea of what you want your arched door to look like? Great! Our team of designers would love to hear from you. We will then get to work on manufacturing it in-house and even install it for you. It’s all part of the service we provide.

If you’re spoilt for choice or would like an expert opinion, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Either call 01744 615 111 or fill in the online enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Why choose arched doors in 2021?