Remarkable Round Windows to Create a Unique Home

Have you ever considered installing beautiful UPVC round windows in your home? This stunning style of window is guaranteed to turn the heads of neighbours and friends. Arcoframe are UPVC specialists and we have a superb range of round windows for you to choose from.
We manufacture all our products, so that we can ensure their unbeatable quality. We can also tailor-make any window to suit your personal requirements. Why else would you fit round windows in your home and how exactly can we help you?

Top Quality Product

The first thing to note is that all our windows are super quality products. We have accumulated over 15 years’ experience, so we know what you expect from premium UPVC round windows Round Windows . These products are designed to last and they easily meet British safety standards for your peace of mind.
Why choose a round window? These shaped windows are aesthetically pleasing and versatile.

Versatile Applications

Where can you install circular frames and round UPVC windows?
In more places than you first imagined. These windows are perfect for a wide range of applications, including bathrooms, bedrooms, gable ends, and so on. By utilising these striking designs, you can create a unique look for your property so that it will stand out.
These windows have superb functionality and you can choose from fixed or pivot opening circular frames. Our pencil operating system allows the windows to be completely reversible, which is good for ventilation and makes them easier to clean.

Bespoke Designs and Different Sizes

What if you require round windows of different sizes or bespoke designs? No problem. As experienced designers and manufacturers, we can create the style of window to suit your home.
When manufacturing any curved window, the profile needs to be bent to exact specifications. Our skilled team members have for many years, worked on honing this skill and we guarantee that your product will be precisely manufactured. As well as looking great, your round windows will work smoothly and efficiently.

Round Windows and Privacy Issues

There is a challenge when it comes to installing round windows – how do you create a sense of privacy?
Most curtains and blinds are designed to fit rectangle or square windows, so must you leave round windows uncovered? While some may happily take this approach, many customers would shy away from this scenario.
What are your options? You will be surprised to know that you can choose curtains, blinds, drapes, shutters, and so on, just as you would with regular shape windows.
If you search for circular window blinds or shutters, you can find creative, stunning solutions to conceal and even enhance the appearance of your round windows. These circular frames will give your home an eye-catching appeal, in addition to giving you the level of privacy that you desire.
Would you like to find out more information about our round windows and circular frames? Please get in touch with us today, by filling in our Online Contact Form – we look forward to hearing from you.
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